and Asylum

Human mobility has steadily shrunk in the Euro-Mediterranean region over the recent years. So has the ability for civil society organisations in the region to promote and protect the human rights of migrants and refugees. Since 2020, the use of forced returns and refoulements across international borders has continued to increase: almost 50,000 people were intercepted in the Central Mediterranean in 2022 and returned to Libya or Tunisia. And the European Union Pact on Migration and Asylum has only confirmed its perception of migration as a threat to its internal stability.

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Women's Rights and Gender Justice


EuroMed Rights strives to actively promote the rights of women and women’s participation in public life as well as promoting gender equality in the Euro-Med region.

Accountability, Justice and Space for Civil Society

In recent years, many governments across the Euro-Mediterranean region have tended to adopt ever more repressive measures and policies to curtail civil society activism and muzzle critical voices.

Democracy and Freedoms

The status of democracy and fundamental freedoms in the Euro-Mediterranean region has continued to backslide or remained at a negative status quo over the past three years.  

Economic and Social Rights

A new regional programme of EuroMed Rights focuses on economic and social rights (ESR), building on our extensive work in Tunisia over the last years. The Network strives to put social justice concerns at the heart of its work.