AMERA International

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Formerly known as the African and Middle East Refugee Assistance.


  • Africa
  • Middle East

Fields of Work

  • Refugee Legal Aid
  • Psychosocial work

Main Activities

  • To provide relief for refugees by offering pro bono legal advice on issues relating to asylum determination, settlement of migrants, family reunification and other matters relating to the enjoyment of the fundamental rights
  • To provide psychosocial services to help refugees deal emotionally and mentally with their past and present struggles and to empower them to present their testimonies at interviews conducted with state authorities or with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • To advance education of the public, in particular lawyers and paralegals, in matters relating to forced migration and law affecting refugees in Africa and the Middle East

Address :

13 Dron House, Adelina Grove,
London E1 3AA

Tel : 0044773963132

Fax : 0020227926424

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Member Since : 1 Jan 2008