As part of the Civil Society Facility for the Mediterranean and co-funded by the the European Union, MAJALAT II is a regional initiative that promotes dialogue between civil society and the EU to identify policy solutions to the main political, social, economic and environmental challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Through activities such as capacity building, grant funding and dialogue cycles, MAJALAT II empowers civil society actors and facilitates the development of safe spaces for them to engage in constructive exchanges with their counterparts and policy makers in the region. Led by a consortium of civil society organisations and networks, the project builds on the success of MAJALAT I (2018-2021).


  • Serve as a platform for regional Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to connect, share resources, strengthen synergies and build coalitions, fostering joint action and advocacy. 
  • Enhance CSOs’ awareness and capacities to engage with the EU through monitoring, advocacy and dialogue processes. 
  • Identify key priorities and recommendations for the EU and regional agendas.  

Thematic priorities

  • Good Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights

  • Climate Change and Social Justice

  • Judicial Independence and Transparency

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