Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly

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Citizens’ Assembly, which works independently from political parties, government and states, aims to:

  • introduce the basic rights and freedoms accepted in international agreements and outlined by universal standards into daily life
  • promote peaceful processes for the resolution of problems through mutual understanding dialogue and peace
  • improve pluralist democratic bodies and civil society initiatives
  • ensure the supremacy of law and defend an economic system that promotes the well-being of human life and the environment.

Fields of Work

  • Minority rights and multiculturalism
  • Civic approaches to conflict
  • The rule of law
  • Human rights and civic participation
  • Strenghtening local democracy and civil society
  • EU integration process
  • Refugees

Address :

Dr. Refik Saydam Cad. Dilber Apt. No: 39 Kat:3 Daire: 10
Şişhane - Beyoğlu - İstanbul

Tel : +90 212 292 68 42 - 43

Fax : +90 212 292 68 44

Website :

Contact Person : Hakan ATAMAN