Human Rights & Democracy for all in the
Euro-Mediterranean Region.

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EuroMed Rights,
A network bridging two shores.

Founded in 1997, EuroMed Rights encompasses 68 organisations from 30 countries. Its work is aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and democracy in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean regions and at influencing the policies of major European actors towards these areas.

How We Work

- Analysis and monitoring
- Collaboration and co-creation
- Advocacy and communication
- Mainstreaming

EuroMed Rights works through, for and in collaboration with its members. Besides, we engage with hundreds of other civil society organisations and with national and international state institutions operating in the field of human rights.

Our 2022-2027 strategy identifies five political themes.
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Countries we work on
In accordance with its 2022-2027 strategy, EuroMed Rights develops programmes in several countries.
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EuroMed Rights

Strengthening the collaboration between local organisations.

EuroMed Rights is a member-driven network with a broad and diverse membership base.
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"EuroMed Rights gathers human rights organisations from the North and South of the Mediterranean and explains how to influence decision-makers."
Wadih Al-Asmar