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In order to promote a fair and sustainable world, the National Centre for Development Cooperation (CNCD-11.11.11) coordinates the voice of 90 Belgian international solidarity NGOs and thousands of volunteers around three missions:

  1. to organise the annual Operation 11.11.11 to finance about fifty development programmes in poor countries of the South;
  2. to coordinate campaigns to raise the Belgian population’s awareness of the challenges of global citizenship and solidarity;
  3. to challenge political leaders through advocacy work.



Fields of Work

Development cooperation, defense and promotion of human rights, sustainable development, climate justice, gender, trade (fair and sustainable trade), decent work, tax justice, food sovereignty, migrations (justice migratoire), international solidarity.

Main Activities

Awareness raising, mobilisation, advocacy, fundraising, partnership.

Address :

184D boulevard Léopold II, 1080 Brussels (and from mid-september 2021: 9 quai du commerce, 1000 Brussels)

Tel : 0032 2 250 12 30

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Contact Person : Nathalie Janne

Member Since : 1 Jun 2021