and Freedoms

The status of democracy and fundamental freedoms in the
Euro-Mediterranean region has continued to backslide or remained at a negative status quo over the past years. The sweeping powers, permitted to governments under the Covid-19 pandemic, have in many countries exacerbated illiberal and authoritarian trends. Political regimes often seem unwilling or incapable to pursue genuine democratic reforms and protect fundamental freedoms. Collaborations between civil society organisations, state actors and international actors like the EU is also increasingly put under pressure from new populist political forces, and increasing instability.

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Accountability, Justice and Space for Civil Society

Tunisia: Reject Bill Dismantling Civil Society

The draft law on associations submitted by 10 parliamentarians to the Tunisian Parliament on 10 October 2023 would violate the right to freedom of association and endanger civic space in Tunisia

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Accountability, Justice and Space for Civil Society

Algeria: Halt Assault on Fundamental Freedoms

The Algerian authorities should commit to end their attacks on civic space and allow independent organizations to operate without unreasonable restrictions as a UN official visits in September 2023, 15

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