How to use the e-library?

How to use it?

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The e-library allows you to browse the latest Human Rights-related news we’ve produced on any given theme and country. For customised search results, you can either select the type of publication you’d like to browse (Press Release, Report, Factsheet, Core Document, …etc.), your theme of interest (gender equality, justice, etc.) or the country for which you are looking to locate information.
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  • Eren Keskin: “If Turkey leaves the Istanbul Convention, it will legitimise violence against women”

    August 1st marks the anniversary of the Istanbul Convention initially signed in 2011 and aiming to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. As the Council of Europe remarked, “2020 should have been a year in which the global progress on achieving gender equality was reviewed. Instead, a global health pandemic exposed the dangerous and pervasive forms of gendered social, economic and political inequality and … Continued

  • EuroMed Rights 2019 Annual Report

    In 2019, the Euro-Mediterranean region was marked by both new restrictions and glimmers of hope. Throughout the year, EuroMed Rights, with its members, partners and with the help of its donors, carried out work along the regional and country specific priority areas to better connect, support and create new dialogue opportunities for and between human rights defenders and civil society organisations. The annual report below details some of the … Continued

  • © European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari

    Documenting violence against women during the COVID-19 crisis

    In April 2020, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women put out a global call for submissions on the increase of violence against women during the COVID-19 crisis. With the help of members and organisations in Italy (Di.R.e), Jordan (Mizan for Law and SIGI/JO), Morocco (AMDH and ADFM) and Tunisia (BEITY), EuroMed Rights’ Women’s … Continued

  • Racism, a pandemic in the Euro-Mediterranean too

    In recent weeks, the world battled not one, but two pandemics. Around the world people gasped in horror as George Floyd pleaded for his breath. His passing breathed new life into the fight against racism and thousands around the world took to the streets to denounce systemic racism, discrimination and police brutality. In the United … Continued

  • Pandemic does not deter violence at borders

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, examples of violent pushbacks and increased deaths at the EU’s land and sea borders continue unabated. From the Central Mediterranean, to the Aegean Sea and the Balkan Route, governments continue to blatantly violate their obligations under EU and international law. Particularly trampled upon, and in total impunity, is the principle of … Continued

  • Corruption, Crisis, Coronavirus: the Lebanese “triple C”

    Will the Lebanese political system succumb to coronavirus? While the multiple social movements started in autumn 2019 were paused to tackle the pandemic, the embers of protest are slowly reigniting. The pandemic exacerbates the economic inequalities that are already unbearable for the vast majority of the population. No economic reforms were carried out since the … Continued