Our Members

our members

EuroMed Rights is a member-driven network with a broad and diverse membership base. The Network serves as a platform to mobilise and engage our members in policy collaboration, capacity building, and advocacy and communication to jointly work on addressing human rights issues in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

In particular, EuroMed Rights builds its members’ capacities in order to:

EuroMed Rights provides members with:

As the Network has grown in size and importance over the years, it aims to attract young and active civil society organisations and to widen its outreach to new audiences such as social movements and youth activists by incorporating new and emerging themes. You can find more information on how to become a member on this page.

Regular Members


Czech Republic

Regional Members

Associate Members

Honorary Members

  • Anna Bozzo-Curti
  • Annette Jünemann
  • Bahey El-Din Hassan
  • Christina M. Merkel
  • Driss El-Yazami
  • Emrah Seyhanlioglu
  • Eva Norström
  • Georges Assaf
  • Iain Byrne
  • Kamel Jendoubi – Honorary President
  • Khemaïs Chammari
  • Lone Lindholt
  • Madjid Benchikh
  • Marie Lavrentiadou
  • Michel Tubiana (1952 – 2021) – Honorary President
  • Samira Trad
  • Theocharis Papamargaris