Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (MCAF)

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MCAF is based in Valencia (Spain) but is regionally present in all Mediterranean basin through its citizen circles in 19 Mediterranean countries and 28 Mediterranean cities:

Circle of Alexandria, Egypt; Circle of Algiers, Algeria; Circle of Barcelona, Spain; Circle of Beirut, Lebanon; Circle of Cairo, Egypt; Circle of Casablanca, Morocco; Circle Syria; Circle of Istanbul, Turkey; Circle of Izmir, Turkey; Circle of Larache, Morocco; Circle of Marseille, France; Circle of Messina, Italy; Circle of Nador, Morocco; Circle of Naples, Italy; Circle of Nice, France; Circle of Nicosia, Cyprus; Circle of Oran, Algeria; Circle of Palestine; Circle of Podgorica, Montenegro; Circle of Rabat, Morocco; Circle of Rome, Italy; Circle of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Circle of Thessaly, Greece; Circle of Tirana, Albania; Circle of Tunis, Tunisia; Circle of Valencia, Spain; Circle of Valetta, Malta; Circle of Zagreb, Croatia.

MCAF Citizens’ Circles currently in a constitution process:

Circle of EMUNI (Euro-mediterranean University), Portoroz, Slovenia; Circle of El Kef, Tunisia; Circle of Tel Aviv, Israel; Circle of Tripoli, Libya.

Fields of Work

The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation is a network that promotes a citizen dialogue, proposals and actions. It encourages democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, as well as environmental responsibility in the Mediterranean. it is committed to the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples.

MCA Foundation has received the international prize Sloboda (Freedom) by the International Peace Center in Sarajevo and the Laureate by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean which highlight MCAF’s work in favour of the promotion of Human Rights and freedoms in the Mediterranean.

Main Activities

The MCAF conducts social actions with special focus in youth and gender (through educational projects and large meetings focused on key topics in the Mediterranean). These are conducted by the whole MCAF network, citizen circles, advisory council experts, institutions and civil society organisations. The Foundation specifically conducts the following actions:

  • Cultural actions: promoting activities focusing on Mediterranean heritage, Mediterranean diversity such as the huge cultural platform Mostra Viva del Mediterrani sponsored an co-organized by MCAF or Humans Rights with the sponsoring of the Mediterranean Festival Socialmed;
  • Environmental action: Promoting territorialized agrifood sistems, sustainability troughs common actions in Mediterranean sea sides and specialized publications and projects;
  • Mediterranean-related publications;
  • Citizen diplomacy: Interlocution between Euro-Mediterranean and Mediterranean citizens. Dialogue, cooperation, social cohesion and cohabitation in the diversity.

Address :

c/ San Francisco de Borja, 20-8 46007 València (Spain)

Tel : 00-34 963 21 95 58

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Contact Person : Esma Kucukalic, [email protected]

Member Since : 23 Oct 2021