Egyptian Human Rights Forum (EHRF)

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A group of Egyptian human rights defenders established the Egyptian Human Rights Forum (EHRF) in April 2018 as an independent NGO which brings together a number of human rights defenders from various professional and academic fields, serving in their personal capacities. EHRF is an integral part of the Egyptian human rights movement inside and outside the country. It seeks to coordinate with independent Arab and international human rights organisations in order to reinforce the international protection of human rights in Egypt. EHRF prioritises dialogue with political, civil and human rights actors inside of Egypt and in the diaspora. Through dialogue, the Forum aims to achieve a broad consensus on a series of measures and policy alternatives rooted in shared human rights values.


  • Egypt
  • National
  • International

Fields of Work

  • Integration of international human rights in the democratic transition
  • Constitutional, legal and institutional reform
  • Social inclusion, citizenship and rights of vulnerable groups
  • Transitional justice and addressing the legacy of human rights abuses and crimes
  • Human rights defenders in the diaspora

Main Activities

  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Policy research and dialogue
  • Capacity building and training
  • Members and human rights defenders support

Tel : +353 (83) 4559824

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Contact Person : Moataz El Fegiery, Co-Founder and President

Member Since : 24 Oct 2021