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EuroMed Rights’ 20th anniversary

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20 years ago, in response to the Barcelona Declaration and the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, EuroMed Right was created by human rights defenders from both sides of the Mediterranean. 20 years later, our members and ourselves still stand by universal human rights principles and strongly believe in the value of cooperation and dialogue across and within borders.

EuroMed Droits is 20 years old from EuroMed Rights on Vimeo.

EuroMed Rights has its headquarters in Copenhagen and offices in BrusselsParis and Tunis (Maghreb Office). EuroMed Rights prides itself on its dedicated and diverse staff committed to the promotion and respect of human rights in the region.

The mission of EuroMed Rights is to promote and strengthen human rights and democratic reform in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Rooted in civil society, the network develops and strengthens partnerships between non-governmental organisations (NGOs), disseminates human rights values, advocates for them and increases the capabilities of local partners in this regard.

EuroMed Rights’ vision is to serve as a leading human rights forum in the region, and a major source of knowledge and action on human rights and democratic reform.


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Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt – #STOPViolenceAgainstWomen – Frontexit Campaign

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