How we work?

Working Groups

To implement its strategy, EuroMed Rights set up a working group (WG) on each of its priority area, be it thematic or country specific.

Working groups exchange information and expertise within their respective fields, formulate policy recommendations, network and ensure the effective implementation of EuroMed Rights mandate and agenda. Every WG has a gender focal point and should ensure gender mainstreaming in all its activities.

Working groups can be ad hoc or permanent. Currently, EuroMed Rights has working groups on the following themes:

The members of the WG are members of EuroMed Rights. Participation in the WGs can be extended to resource organisations with specific expertise and with added value to the thematics that WGs cover to ensure that the WGs gather the key players in their respective field of work.

Our Donors

In 2013, EuroMed Rights Executive Committee adopted a fundraising strategy, articulated around three general principles; ensuring the network’s independence; minimising our donor dependence and guaranteeing our financial sustainability.

With those principles in mind, EuroMed Rights fundraising strategy intends to:

  • Maintain good relations with current donors and expand core funding;
  • Ensure new project funding for the 2014-2016 activity plan, and beyond;
  • Increase EuroMed Rights reserve funds;
  • Explore and identify new sources of income;
  • Better apply fundraising and donor relations principles at all stages of project coordination.

EuroMed Rights would like to acknowledge and thanks the following donors for their financial support: