The Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI)

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PCATI’s mandate includes the prevention and eradication of all forms of torture and CIDT in Israel and the protection of human rights in general. Means to accomplish this include legal advocacy, fieldwork within the OPTs, legislative advocacy,police brutality, public outreach, international civil society cooperation/coalition work and international advocacy.


  • Israel
  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Fields of Work

  • Prevention of torture and ill treatment.
  • Justice
  • Police Brutality

Main Activities

  • Fieldwork network: PCATI maintains a network of fieldworkers in the OPT.
  • Legal Advocacy: PCATI files letters of complaint to the authorities, urgent petitions to the High Court of Justice (HCJ) and Petitions of Principle to the HCJ.
  • Legislative advocacy: PCATI is in contact with policy makers and shapers of opinion in order to impact this process.
  • Public Outreach: Providing information to the public and engaging in public discourse is critical for creating societal change.

Address :

P.O.B. 4634,
Jerusalem 91046

Tel : +972 3 7733134

Fax : +972 2 643 2847

Email :

Website :

Contact Person : Dr. Rachel Stroumsa, CEO

Member Since : 1 Jan 2001