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B’Tselem’s primary goals are to protect human rights in the Occupied Territories and generate commitment among the Israeli public to human rights principles.


Israel and the Occupied Territories

Fields of Work

Monitoring, documenting violations of all aspects of human rights and humanitarian law, and advocating for improvement

Main Activities

  • Control and Documentation: B’Tselem monitors the situation of human rights in the Occupied Territories and documents violations through testimonies of victims and witnesses and collects information from other sources such as the press, Other NGOs and the military. On the basis of this information; B’Tselem compiles statistics on such topics as fatalities, house demolitions; the imprisonment, the “Separation Barrier”, the checkpoints and the expropriations. B’Tselem also corresponds with the military authorities on the incidents caused by the bad actions or the negligence of the security forces.
  • Research and Publication: Over the last two years, B’Tselem has researched and published reports on such issues as abuses by security forces, unification of families in East Jerusalem, Separation Barrier , Movement restrictions, and punitive house demolitions. The reports are distributed to more than 11,000 individuals and organizations in Israel and abroad.
  • Information Center: B’Tselem organizes presentations, study tours, and information sessions on human rights in the Occupied Territories, for researchers, journalists, diplomats, politicians and for the Israeli and international audiences. B’Tselem responds to hundreds of requests for information via the post and emails. In addition, the organization has a website in 3 languages ​​containing information and statistics on all aspects of human rights in the Territories and distributes monthly updates via email. B’Tselem is also working closely with the local and international press to highlight the issue of human rights.
  • Recommendations and Public Education: B’Tselem works to change awareness of the human rights situation in the Occupied Territories and generate commitments to the fundamental human rights principles among Israelis. In this effort, B’Tselem gives lectures in public forums, places advertisements in the Israeli media, distributes a human rights newspaper, organizes public events, study tours, and engages governments and army officials. For the past 2 years, B’Tselem has conducted public campaigns on topics including the Separation Barrier, house demolitions, Israeli Headquarters policy, the use of human shields, the lack of enforcement of the settler law, the responsibility of the army.
  • Advocacy by video: B’Tselem uses the video media to promote human rights. The organization produces short films on various subjects and has built archives of more than 1000 hours of filming. B’Tselem has set up a cameras lending program for Palestinians living in friction zones to enable them to film their reality.

Address :

Hauman 22,
Jerusalem 972,

Tel : +972 2 67 355 99

Email : [email protected] ; [email protected]

Website : www.btselem.org

Contact Person : Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director

Member Since : 1 Jan 1997