Call for proposals MAJALAT II

Fostering the structured dialogue with civil society in the Southern Mediterranean Countries and the EU 

In the framework of the MAJALAT II, the project Consortium is launching a Call for Proposals with the aim to support CSOs from Southern Mediterranean countries in monitoring national and regional policies, conducting research, organizing events and producing key expertise to inform evidence-based policy-making and respect for human rights. The overall goal of the sub-granting programme is to increase the participation of CSOs in policy-making processes and dialogue, including with the European Union, thereby promoting public accountability and strengthening their advocacy role.

The subgranting programme will comprise up to 20 small grants to fund projects linked to the target themes of the MAJALAT II:

  1. Good governance, rule of law and human rights
  2. Climate change and social justice
  3. Independence and transparency of the judiciary

Over the course of one year (June 2024-June 2025), the sub-granting program will support actions that will:

  • Monitor efforts and develop policy papers that can contribute to advocacy initiatives and multistakeholder dialogue.
  • Produce expertise (studies, reports, other) that inform evidence-based recommendations to decision-makers in the region
  • Organise workshops/conferences/seminars/small, localized actions to explore the key 3 themes and recommendations, and increase the CSO participation in local/national/regional/ EU policy dialogues
  • Develop and launch platforms and coalitions that can amplify advocacy messages and policy inputs as well as stimulate multi-stakeholder engagement

Particular attention will be paid to applications that can demonstrate innovation and added value, as well as an inclusive approach towards young people, minorities, rural populations and women.  

Eligibility criteria related to the provision of subgrants

Geographic scope

This Call for Proposals covers the Southern Mediterranean countries.

Who can apply? 

This Call for proposals is open to local, regional and international non-profit organizations, CSOs, and networks. Eligible applicants must be duly constituted nationally or internationally and have legal status. At the initial stage of the project proposal, the applicants will have to indicate the type of organisation applying for the grant.

Applications from for-profit entities working on the promotion of human rights that cannot register as non-profit organizations due to restrictions on freedom of association and expression in their countries will also be considered eligible, provided that the Proposed Action to be funded under the MAJALAT II Grant is not for profit. We strongly encourage the HROs in this situation to share a statement (declaration & financial statements) confirming the non-profit purpose to support their application.

Applicants will have to demonstrate that:

  • They have a democratic structure and are independent from governments;
  • They subscribe to the values of Human Rights in its universality, indivisibility and interdependence;
  • Are engaged and have experience in one or the three themes listed above;
  • Will be managing and implement the Proposed Action and not acting as intermediaries.

Excluded applicants: individuals and government bodies.

Shortlisted projects will be invited to a review phase, during which they will be helped to improve their proposal with a view to final selection.


MAJALAT II is a three-year regional initiative (2023-2025) that is part of the Civil Society Facility for the Mediterranean and is co-funded by the European Union. The project is led by a Consortium of civil society organisations and networks in the Euro-Mediterranean region: EuroMed Rights (EMR)Forum Alternatives du Maroc (FMAS) and Legal Agenda (LA).

To download the call for proposals documentplease click here

To apply fill in this document and send it by email at [email protected] before 24/03/2024 at 23:59 (CET time)