EuroMed Rights main strength and added value lie in its regional character and its capacity to bring together human rights defenders across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Regional thematic activities are thus the point of departure for EuroMed Rights’ work.

These activities are defined by a Strategy Paper that EuroMed Rights adopted at its last General Assembly .

It is important to stress that EuroMed Rights, on top of its thematic activities, will always seek to be present to defend its members and their work when they are at risk, as well as human rights defenders in general, including women rights, when they come under attack.

For 2012-18, our main focus areas are:

Migration and Asylum

icon Migration and Asylum

Restrictive migration policies and inadequate legislative protection across the Euromed (and beyond) mean that asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees face unique challenges in adjusting to life in their host countries.

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Women’s rights and gender justice

icon Women’s rights and gender justice

EuroMed Rights strives to actively promote the rights of women and women’s participation in public life as well as promoting gender equality in the Euro-Med region.


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Justice and the Rule of Law

icon Justice and the Rule of Law

In order to ensure the protection or reinforcement of human rights respect and the rule of law, the questions of access to an independent judiciary and needed legislative reforms to safeguard human rights are crucial.

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Shrinking Space for Civil Society

icon Shrinking Space for Civil Society

In recent years, many governments across the Euro-Mediterranean region have tended to adopt ever more repressive measures and policies to curtail civil society activism and muzzle critical voices.

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