Trial observation report on the case of woman human rights defender Amal Fathy

Egypt, Report

Brussels, April 10, 2019

EuroMed Rights commissioned experts from Solicitors’ International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) to observe a criminal case against woman human rights defender Amal Fathy. Their report concludes that serious violations were committed by Egypt in this case.

This report details the observers’ assessment as to whether the trial was fair in accordance with international fair trial standards. In the report, EuroMed Rights and SIHRG raise concern over what they find to be breaches of Ms Fathy’s right to know the details of the charges against her, to prepare a defence, and to be presumed innocent, as well as her right to legal assistance and her right to call and examine witnesses.

Amal Fathy was charged with deliberately spreading fake rumours that could disturb public security under article 102 of the Egyptian Criminal Code and with publishing filmed material in which she uttered words which were an outrage to public decency. Additionally, on 13 May 2018, she was charged in another case with deliberately thwarting the presidential elections, disturbing public opinion, joining a banned group, using the internet to spread ideas calling for terrorist acts, and deliberately spreading false news that harmed public interest.

She was conditionally released following a court order of 18 December, but her probation conditions require her to undergo police monitoring twice a week for four hours. She remains at risk of being re-arrested.

Read the full report in English. The executive summary is also available in Arabic.

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