Shrinking Space Seminar 2018 Report

Report, Shrinking Space for Civil Society

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Brussels, April 05, 2019

This report is based on the exchanges and content of the seminar “Strengthening civil society to cope with repressive trends: what role for EuroMed Rights?” which took place on 22 June 2018 in Brussels bringing together more than 70 participants from member organisations from 25 countries.

Readers will find in this report a wealth of different points of view from a rich discussion, in a context in which issues of repression of individual and collective freedoms and of political spaces of action and expression are worryingly topical in both the south and the north of the Mediterranean.

Although the report does not claim to capture all the exchanges in their entirety and multiplicity, this report retraces the main lines of the questions of member organisation representativess. It also includes testimonies gathered in the plenary session and in individual interviews as well as by means of an online questionnaire. The questionnaire, which does not claim to be statistically representative, aggregates responses from a sample of 25 participants from organisations in 10 European and 8 Southern Mediterranean countries.

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