Only Rule of Law Can Restore Egypt’s Stability

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In the fight against radicalisation and terrorism, the rule of law and respect for human rights remain Egypt’s best allies.

EuroMed Rights strongly condemns the latest wave of terrorist attacks that have rocked Egypt and claimed the lives of many, including the General Prosecutor Hesham Barakat.

The responsible for these criminal attacks should be swiftly brought to justice, after an impartial and transparent investigation. EuroMed Rights is particularly concerned over the recent declaration of President Sissi that “the prompt hand of justice is tied by the laws, and we can’t wait for that” as it bodes ill for the country’s already eroded rule of law. The new terrorism law, adopted on Wednesday, only promises more of the same, fuelling further this vicious circle of terrorist violence and bloody repression it purportedly claims to address.

Indeed, the Egyptian authorities should stop adopting more repressive measures that have so far resulted myriad violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, without curbing the terrorist threats and violence that have plagued the country since the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

To restore security and set the country on the path to democracy, EuroMed Rights calls on the Egyptian authorities to uphold the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and respect for human rights. Instead of driving the country’s political forces underground, the government should open the space for an inclusive political dialogue with legitimate peaceful dissidence and civil society. Only pluralism and respect of rights and freedoms can restore Egypt’s security.