Letter to Egypt’s Judges: Restore National and International Confidence in the Egyptian Judiciary

Egypt, Impunity/Accountability, Independence of the Judiciary, Open Letter, Shrinking Space for Civil Society

Addressing the increasing instrumentalisation of Justice that the Egyptian authorities have displayed to eradicate dissent, a group of individuals and organisations, including the EMHRN, has reached out to Egyptian judges in a letter asking them to join forces and restore national and international confidence in the Egyptian judiciary.

Left unaddressed, the blatant manipulation of justice for political ends is likely to aggravate political and social tensions, along with a fickle security situation in both Egypt and the region alike. The EMHRN insists that an instrumentalised justice is also likely to worsen the ongoing erosion of the rule of law and people’s confidence in Egypt’s justice system.

You can find the full text of the letter here