Join our awareness campaign to end violence against women!

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EuroMed Rights joins the #HearMeToo campaign during the 16 days of activism starting this 25 November in order to highlight successes and backlashes in women’s rights from all across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

From Egypt’s capital, Cairo, the world’s most dangerous city for women, to Tunisia more than a year after the adoption of the much-celebrated comprehensive law on violence against women, EuroMed Rights will take you on a short journey around the region through fact sheets, articles and interviews on the situation of women’s rights in some selected countries. Morocco’s civil society engagement in women’s rights, and France’s disturbing trend of rape growing over the last 10 years are some of the examples, together with Cyprus’ harmonisation of its legislation according to the recent ratification of the Istanbul Convention. The increasing resistance to the Istanbul Convention, particularly in Central Europe, has also been highlighted.

EuroMed Rights’ campaign aims at stressing that, despite all the gains that followed the #MeToo campaign throughout last year in creating a space for women to speak out about violence and harassment, the battle to end violence against women is far from being over. Women from all walks of life across the Euro-Mediterranean region still need us to hear their stories through the #HearMeToo campaign. Aware of the fact that reports are not enough, EuroMed Rights activities also include a list of possible action ideas in order to concretely join and contribute to the fight through symbolic actions like sending letters to your Parliamentarians, sharing your testimonies, organising debates and events, and getting men on board!

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