Fresh start, renewed risks: the external dimension of the EU Migration Pact

EuroMed Rights releases the third part of its report on the external impact the new EU Pact on Asylum and Migration will have.

On 23 September 2020, the European Commission published its “New Pact on Asylum and Migration” (the Pact), proposing a new policy and legislative framework. As of January 2021, legislators and policymakers have resumed negotiations on the Pact’s different legislative files.

Ahead of the informal meeting of EU Interior Ministers on 28-29 January 2021 on migration, EuroMed Rights is publishing its third piece of analysis on the Pact, focusing on the elements related to its external dimension.

This analysis looks at the conditionality between visa and readmission agreements and between migration and development. It also addresses the highly problematic concept of “safe third countries”, raises concerns on the so-called “solidarity” mechanism, and calls on strengthening the monitoring mechanism for fundamental rights compliance and increasing legal pathways.

This third analysis complements the two previous ones published by EuroMed Rights on the Pact:

Photo credit: Sara Prestianni