EU-Southern Neighbourhood renewed partnership: human rights first!

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As the EU will release its joint communication on a renewed partnership for the Southern Neighbourhood tomorrow, EuroMed Rights publishes its own ‘shadow’ communication for such a partnership.

In early December 2020, the European Union officially announced that the EU-Southern Neighbourhood partnership would be strengthened to ensure that “it better responds to today’s challenges and opportunities.” This process will land tomorrow with the publication of a Joint Communication on a renewed partnership for the Southern Neighbourhood by the European Commission and EU High Representative, Josep Borrell. 

Through its renewed partnership, the EU should actively work towards creating an environment conducive to the realisation of all human rights and the reinforcement of the independence of civil society,” stated Wadih Al-Asmar, President of EuroMed Rights. “Moreover, the EU and its Member States should lead by example and base this partnership firmly on clear human rights-based priorities. 

EuroMed Rights publishes today its ‘shadow’ communication for such a renewed partnership. The document contains priorities and recommendations that the EU should adopt on economic and social rights for all, gender equality and women’s rights on both shores of the Mediterranean, migrant and refugee rights, an enabling environment for civil society in the region, and how to engage with independent civil society organisations meaningfully. 

The renewed partnership should stress the importance of civil society as an implementing partner and the need for these actors to receive practical support without undue restrictions, and political support without fear of reprisals,” concluded Rasmus Alenius Boserup, EuroMed Rights Executive Director. 

Read EuroMed Rights’ ‘shadow’ communication for a renewed partnership for the Southern Neighbourhood.