Denmark: Funding Review to Palestinian and Israeli Civil Society Organisations

Denmark, Israel / OPT, Open Letter, Shrinking Space for Civil Society

In a letter addressed to the Danish Foreign Ministry last week, EuroMed Rights, together with its member Dignity and four other leading Danish Non-Governmental Organisations, raised their concerns about the tightening of the conditions for Danish assistance to human rights organisations in the occupied Palestinian territory.

EuroMed Rights and its partners fear that Denmark’s changed conditions and announcement to leave a longstanding donor cooperation are politically-motivated rather than aid professional.

We stress how crucial it is, for such decisions, to be transparent, professionally grounded and in line with the principles that have so far been the driving force behind Danish aid policy. We encourage the government to remove any doubt concerning the basic principles for Danish foreign policy, including the rights based approach and strong aid professionalism and objectivity.

Read the letter here.