International Labour Conference: Will Endangered Trade Unions Rights in Algeria Go Unnoticed? (update)

Algeria, Policy Brief, Shrinking Space for Civil Society

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Despite steady documentation and monitoring of intensifying repression against independent unionists in Algeria, it seems that the International Labour Organisation won’t be examining the case of Algeria during the 105th session of the International Labour Conference (from May 30- June 10 2016).

EuroMed Rights has produced several reports and notes detailing how crackdown on independent unionists is escalating and the creation of autonomous unions  hampered by abusive administrative practices in Algeria, in sharp violation of ILO’s international convention, including Convention No. 87 on the freedom of association and the right to organise, ratified by Algeria.

For this occasion, EuroMed Rights has updated its briefing titled: Violations of trade union freedoms and harassment of independent unionists in Algeria (originally published in feb 2016).

Read the updated note here.