Algeria: EuroMed Rights for a democratic transition respecting human rights

Algeria, Justice and the Rule of Law, Press Release

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Press Release

Brussels, 15 March 2019

In view of the peaceful demonstrations planned today across Algeria for the departure of President Bouteflika at the end of his current mandate, EuroMed Rights reminds the Algerian authorities of the need to respect the freedom of expression and the right to peaceful demonstration, as guaranteed by the Algerian Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (articles 19 and 21) to which Algeria is a party.

The members and partners of EuroMed Rights, LADDH, SNAPAP, CFDA and RAJ consider that the roadmap proposed in the communiqué issued by the Presidency in response to the popular demonstrations goes against the will of the people. EuroMed Rights supports the civil society dynamics working for a democratic transition respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“This is only a first step,” said EuroMed Rights President Wadih Al-Asmar on the proposed roadmap. “The will of the people, the sole source of power and popular sovereignty, is key. We call Algerians to vigilance in maintaining their peaceful mobilisation until the initiation of a process of democratic change.”