Adalah Briefing Paper: Key Concerns Regarding the Rights of Palestinians in Israel and the OPT Submitted to the EU for the 2013 ENP Progress Report

Economic & Social Rights, Policy Brief

Adalah is submitting this briefing paper to provide information to the EU in its preparation of the ENP Progress Report on Israel covering the year 2013. The paper highlights key concerns of Adalah that are relevant to the progress made on the EU-Israel Action Plan concerning the human rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinian residents living under Israeli occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). The paper demonstrates that the human rights situation of the Palestinian minority in Israel and the Palestinians in the OPT deteriorated in several areas, both materially and structurally, in 2013. It discusses the following main issues:

1. Forced displacement on both sides of the Green Line:

– The Prawer-Begin Plan to destroy the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Naqab

– Implementation of the Absentees’ Property Law in East Jerusalem

2. New discriminatory and anti-democratic legislation

3. Arab children’s rights in Israel

4. Discrimination in budgets and employment

5. Racist incitement against Palestinians

6. Ban on family unification

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