Activity Report 1998

Activity Report

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This report covers the first year of activities of the EMHRN. More precisely, and because the third General Assembly was delayed, it covers the period from 1 January, 1998, to 1 March, 1999.

The Plan of Action states the priority issues of the EMHRN as: freedom of opinion and expression, thought and conscience, and assembly and association, as well as the protection of refugees and the respect for human dignity, including freedom from racism, xenophobia and intolerance. It outlines a work programme consisting of three fields of activities:

a) documentation, information, and dissemination,

b) dialogue, lobbying, and campaigning, and

c) general education, capacity building and the protection of human rights defenders.

However, since activities related to the priority issues and the work program are closely interrelated it will not be possible to structure the report according to the headlines of the Plan of Action. Instead, the report will describe:

1) The overall strategy of the EC in the past year, as well as the constraints it encountered in implementing its activities.

2) Activities in relation to country issues

3) Activities in relation to EMP mechanisms

4) New members

5) Various other activities.

In conclusion, it will wind up the threads by evaluating the activities of the Network in relation to the objectives set out in the Plan of Action.

Activity Report 1998