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Fields of Work

Areas of activity with women in focus various areas in which we can support local women’s initiatives. What we choose to support depends on the conflict situation in the country and the level of women’s organising there.

  • Human rights and education

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation supports women’s organisations that safeguard and lobby for women’s legal rights. Equality in the eyes of the law such as the right to education, inheritance, property and divorce must be guaranteed in countries where women live among lawlessness with a lack of legal protection. Education is a prerequisite for women to demand their rights. We therefore support educational initiatives.

  • Counteracting violence and sexual violations

Women’s shelters and helplines can provide women with temporary protection against assault and sexual violations. Prostitution and trafficking in women for sexual purposes must be tackled both nationally and internationally. Forced marriages and honour-related violence must also be counteracted. We support organisations that protect vulnerable women and strive to modify attitudes towards violence and sexual violations in society.

  • Organising – a prerequisite for peace and democracy

The emergence of an active and multifaceted women’s movement is a prerequisite for just and sustainable peace and democratic progress. We therefore support women’s organising and the education of women in democratic organisational and working methods.

  • Women’s physical and mental health

During and after a war, trauma healing can reduce the long-term injurious effect that would otherwise impact the next generation. Psychosocial support during the rebuilding process is vital, which is why we also support such activities. When women do not have control over their own bodies it is difficult to act as a democratic citizen. It is impossible to take part in political life or pursue gender equality issues. We believe that women’s health and wellbeing are best strengthened through supporting work for sexual reproductive health and rights.

  • Women in peace processes

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation works for conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation between ethnic, religious and national ethnic groups. We also promote meetings between organisations across the ethnic borders. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation will take part at all levels of peace processes, including the negotiating table.

  • Promoting political participation

We seek and support individual women’s organisations and groups of women who, despite difficulties and resistance, work actively and consistently to change society. This support is particularly important if women are to receive political assignments in the future

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Contact Person : Petra Tötterman Andorff, Secretary-General

Member Since : 1 Sep 2008