Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism (KISA)

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Fields of Work

  • Migration
  • Justice
  • Discrimination
  • Gender Equality

Main Activities

  • 1. Sensitisation of the Cypriot society about social discrimination and racism, the benefits of a multicultural society and reform of the immigration and asylum framework in Cyprus, through campaigns, conferences, cultural events, provision of information, publications and lobbying the authorities.
  • 2. Operation of Support Centres providing free legal and social services, guidance and advice to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, in order to enable them to claim their rights and facilitate their integration and full participation in society.

Address :

P.O. Box 22113,
1517 Nicosia

Tel : +357-22-878181

Fax : +357-22-773039

Email : ;

Website :

Contact Person : Doros Polykarpou

Member Since : 1 Jan 2009