EuroMed Rights work on Palestine, Israel and the Palestinians focuses on promoting a human rights-based approach to Israel/Palestine and bringing the international focus to the respect for international law, equality and human rights, including Palestinians’ right to self-determination, in the EU and Member States’ bilateral relations with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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EuroMed Rights influenced many important decision-makers in 2020, even without being able to organise advocacy missions in Europe and visits in the field.

In a context of increasing smear campaigns against Palestinian NGOs, EuroMed Rights accompanied its member Al Mezan Center for Human Rights to debunk false accusations that NGO Monitor (a pro-occupation Israeli lobby) had raised against it. On 8 October 2020, two Dutch Ministers answered a parliamentary question defending Al Mezan from smearing, underlining that the NGO Monitor’s report linking Al Mezan with terrorism and claiming that the Netherlands, as a funder of Al Mezan, is aiding terrorism, was baseless. It is one of the few times that an EU country publicly debunks NGO Monitor’s smear tactics against Palestinian NGOs, so deeply and in detail.

Accountability is another key component of EuroMed Rights’ work on Israel/Palestine. On 10 July 2020, eleven EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs sent a private letter to the EU High Representative Josep Borrell asking the EU to assess the legal and political implications of annexation of West Bank territories for the EU-Israel relations. It was the first time that a concerted group of high-level politicians put the focus on the consequences of annexation. In May 2020, EuroMed Rights had initiated and coordinated a joint NGO private letter addressed to EU High Representative, Commission President and the 27 EU member states. The Ministers’ letter echoed the NGO demands and even followed a similar wording in its message.

On 12 February 2020, the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) finally released a database on business activities related to illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, bringing transparency on activities that contravene international humanitarian and human rights law. In multiple occasions during the previous four years, EuroMed Rights and the NGO community at large had called the OHCHR to fulfill its mandate. By advocating towards the EU and its member states, EuroMed Rights put pressure on the OHCHR to publish the database. This shows the need to be relentless in advocacy, which can eventually lead to major steps forward.