EuroMed Rights work on Palestine, Israel and the Palestinians focuses on promoting a human rights-based approach to Israel/Palestine and bringing the international focus to the respect for international law, equality and human rights, including Palestinians’ right to self-determination, in the EU and Member States’ bilateral relations with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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Recent results

EuroMed Rights and the Working Group on Palestine, Israel and the Palestinians (PIP) continue efforts, started in 2018, to secure support for civil society organisations (CSOs). This support came as we witnessed a multiplication of threats and attacks against CSOs in the region, in parallel to relentless moves by the Trump administration and the Netanyahu government toward annexation and the general inaction these moves encountered in the EU.

EuroMed Rights successfully leveraged its relations with the EU Delegation in Israel to raise issues born from new EU financial procedures which would negatively impact the long-term funding and work of CSOs on the ground. This led to the EU Delegation addressing these issues with the European Commission and starting a long series of discussions involving Commission officials, EU Delegations in Israel and Palestine and Palestinian and European NGOs.

EuroMed Rights continued to build on relations established with the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) and Members of the Swiss Parliament to continue Swiss funding for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs. With a Foreign Minister highly sceptical as to the relevance of supporting human rights NGOs in Israel and Palestine, Switzerland was under pressure to reduce and condition funding for human rights organisations. EuroMed Rights arranged two advocacy missions in March and June 2019 with Working Group members and local Swiss partners. This prompted the SDC to confirm continued funding, without any new conditions, for human rights groups in 2019.

The network of governments contacts built by EuroMed Rights across the Euro-Mediterranean region continues to be of paramount importance to the defence of CSOs in Israel/Palestine. For instance, EuroMed Rights was able to trigger support for the work done by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) by advocating for government contacts in Finland, Slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This laid the groundwork for a statement in support of the independence of the OHCHR by a coalition of nine European countries in July 2019.