#MeToo in Denmark: echoes from the second wave

Interview, Women’s rights and gender justice

In recent weeks, and following revelations from Sofie Linde, a famous Danish TV host, a debate on pervasive sexual harassment and violence in the workplace has erupted. Thousands of women working in the media industry, academia, healthcare sector, have started speaking out about the sexual violence and harassment they have experienced throughout their careers. These accounts have led to the resignation of several high-level political leaders. The current #MeToo wave contrasts with the widespread belief that gender equality would have already been achieved in Denmark. How to reflect on the current #MeToo wave? What does the current #MeToo debate reveals about Danish gender politics?

EuroMed Rights organised a public conference in Copenhagen during the Talk Town festival. Speakers included:

  • Marie Leine, anthropology graduate, author of “’Danish women put up with less: Gender equality and the politics of denial in Denmark”.
  • Helena Gleesborg, president of the Dansk Kvindesamfund.
  • Ditte Bjerregaard, anthropologist, spokesperson for Feminist Initiative Denmark, co-founder of the organisation Center for Magtanalyse
  • Moderator: Jelena Bundalovic, Philosopher & researcher. Co-director of the feminist think tank Tora

Extracts of this conversation, centered around particular themes, can be listened to below.

Part 1- #MeToo in Denmark: breaking the myth.

EuroMed Rights · PART 1 MeToo In DK.Breaking The Myth

Part 2- What is different about this second #MeToo wave in Denmark?

EuroMed Rights · PART 2 What Is Different About The Second MeToo Wave In DK

Part 3- How to move forward: can Sweden be an example?

EuroMed Rights · PART 3 How To Move Forward And The Case Of Sweden