International Women’s Day

Press Release, Women’s rights and gender justice

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In partnership with its member oganisations, EuroMed Rights fights for gender equality. This 8 March 2018, we honor our activists who work tirelessly for the empowerment of women in all contexts and of all backgrounds.

Through a series of factsheets and videos from our members from the Maghreb (Morocco and Tunisia) and the Mashreq (Egypt and Jordan), EuroMed Rights and its members expose how women’s rights continue to be violated in the Euro-mediterranean region.

Vice-president of EuroMed Rights, Nabia Haddouche, declares:

“It is essential that governments listen to the demands for gender equality. Everywhere, authorities must put in place adequate measures and egalitarian laws to protect women from violence and make away with the inequalities they experience. To this end, civil society must be invited to the table, listened to and heard. We cannot condone such conservative reforms as has been the case recently in Morocco.”

On this International Women’s Day, while thousands of girls and women in recent months have dared to break the silence by denouncing the violence and discrimination they have suffered or are still suffering, EuroMed Rights joins this unprecedented global movement in favor of women’s rights and gender equality.