Impunity following Four Arab Revolutions

Egypt, Impunity/Accountability, Libya, Report, Shrinking Space for Civil Society, Syria, Tunisia

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The Arab revolutions erupted but they did not come to an end.

Six Arab revolutions, “Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Syria”, carried the same mottoes demanding change, freedom, human dignity and social justice.

The revolutions are not over yet and none of their demands were achieved. One important thing has been achieved, however, not only in the six countries with the revolutions but in the entire Arab world, and that is breaking through the fear.

As it has attracted a wide sector of the Arab citizens who were not interested, before, in public discussions regarding their issues, their governments’ performance, officials’ criticism and monitoring their practices.

This report tackles the four Arab countries in which the head of the authority was changed while the whole regimes have not, “Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.” Bahrain and Syria revolutions were excluded as they did not lead to the change in the regime until now, regardless of the reasons.

The regime’s form has changed; its essence has not. Whoever left has left, whoever ran has run and whoever ruled has ruled but most of the criminals were impune! From the granted immunity to Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former Yemen dictator, to Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali’s escape to Saudi-Arabia, to the comic trials following inaccurate investigations to Mubarak and his regime figures, to the murder of Qaddafi and arresting his son, to the impunity of the SCAF in Egypt until now.

No rule of law, no serious and sharp consistent justice.

This report was prepared and finalized at the end of June 2013, only few days before deposing president Mohamed Morsi after millions Egyptians took to the streets against him.

Therefore, it does not include the events that followed his deposition and the bloody events that call for fair and serious investigations so that every criminal gets fairly punished and not added to the impunity list.

This report was prepared by political researcher Tamer Mouafi, and reviewed by Gamal Eid, Executive Director of The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI). Language editing and proofreading is by Mina Zekri and Karim Abdelrady.