Gender Audit of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network 2015

Core Document, Gender Mainstreaming, Women’s rights and gender justice

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The current Gender Audit will be focusing on gender equality awareness and gender mainstreaming efforts of the EMHRN membership, rather than – as the previous gender audits – on gender mainstreaming within EMHRN.

The purpose of the audit is:

  • To provide the EMHRN with an overview of the needs, capacities, achievements and challenges of EMHRN member organisations to engage in gender mainstreaming.
  • To gather knowledge about and best practices of what members are already doing in terms of GM and make recommendations on how to make use of these best practices.
  • To outline a proposal of how the EMHRN can support its members in addressing their needs and challenges with regard to gender mainstreaming.
  • To prepare the ground for the development of an EMHRN GM strategy to implement the GEPP (and GM of the EMHRN membership and CSOs more generally).