EuroMed Rights President Wadih Al-Asmar summoned by Cybercrime police in Beirut for his social media activism

Justice and the Rule of Law, Lebanon, Press Release

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Press Release

Brussels, 30 August 2018

The President of EuroMed Rights and of the Lebanese Centre of Human Rights, Wadih Al-Asmar, will be interrogated tomorrow by the Cybercrime Combating Bureau in Beirut because of his activity on social media.

EuroMed Rights is deeply concerned by the increase of police interrogations and intimidation of social media activists or of people simply active on social media over the past three years.

They are summoned by the police without being informed about the reasons of their convocation, often denied access to lawyers and they are pressured to stop being critical towards the government on social media.

EuroMed Rights will continue to follow the situation in Lebanon very closely and condemns this practice which is jeopardising the judicial system.