EU-Egypt Bilateral Relations: What Scope for Human Rights Advocacy?

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This study aims to establish to which extent the EU and key Member States (MS) have been respecting their own commitments and obligations with regard to human rights in Egypt so that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are better equipped to pressure the EU and MS to do more.

The report furthermore aims to identify obstacles to raising human rights violations and how EU-Egypt relations could be leveraged to better foster respect of human rights in Egypt.

The study is aimed at civil society and human rights defenders working on EU-Egypt relations. In this regard, it seeks to provide an important advocacy tool for NGOs calling on the EU and its Member States to abide by their policy commitments and legal obligations, urging the Egyptian government to respect its constitution and human rights clauses contained therein.
Information for this report was gathered via primary and secondary research including a period of field research involving interviews with a range of stakeholders in Cairo, Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris. In all cases both civil society organisations
and policy makers were engaged.

Part 1 – EU Cooperation Instruments


Part 2 – Member State Case Study

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