Activity Report 2002-2003

Activity Report

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The purpose of the present report is to describe the activities carried out by the EMHRN within the framework of the Action Plan with a specific focus on activities that are not dealt with in the Activity report adopted at the GAM in Athens, i.e. the period from 1 May 2002 to 30 September 2003.

It is structured according to the policy priorities outlined in the Action plan. It seeks to narrate the activities of the EMHRN while enumerating the achievements, or the lack of such, in the various fields of work.

The overall assumption is that the EMHRN succeeded in developing important instruments within the fields of

A. Information, documentation and dissemination.

B. Dialogue, advocacy and campaigning.

C. Capacity building and education.

However, an evaluation of the impact of the instruments established by the EMHRN would benefit from an external systematic assessment.

Activity Report 2002-2003