2019 Brussels Civil Society Forum report

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This report summarises the proceedings of the Brussels Civil Society Forum that took place on 2-3 December 2019 within the framework of the regional structured dialogue between the EU and civil society from the Southern Mediterranean region.

The meeting was the second since the EU handed over the organisation of the dialogue process to civil society organisations in early 2018. It gathered 180 CSO representatives, mostly from the Southern shores of the region, and 30 representatives of the EU Commission.

Every year, a cycle of national and regional workshops and seminars is completed. These discussed a range of issues and produced a number of recommendations to be fed into the dialogue with the EU under the five thematic headlines of Majalat: ‘Good governance and rule of law’; ‘security and the fight against violence’; ‘migration and mobility’; ‘economic development and social dialogue’ and ‘climate and social justice’.

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