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  • To expose and document torture on a health professional basis.
  • To develop clinical diagnoses and treatment methods of torture survivors on the basis of systematic examination of the torture survivors and research into torture and organised violence.
  • To apply the experiences thus achieved in the education and advocacy in order to contribute to the global effort to abolish torture.


  • The rehabilitation department in the RCT treats torture survivors living in Denmark.
  • The international department supports NGOs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Fields of Work

  • Human Rights Education
  • Arab Reform
  • Justice
  • Freedom from Torture

Main Activities

  • Carrying out project work in the South in co-operation with centres and programmes aiming at treating and rehabilitating torture survivors and preventing torture
  • Conducting education and advocacy in order to promote knowledge of the reasons for torture, conventions and laws, treatment methods and prevention of torture
  • Running a centre that undertakes clinical research and method development in order to provide knowledge on torture and the form and extent of the after-effects of torture as well as treats and rehabilitates persons who have been subjected to torture

Address :

Bryggervangen 55,
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel : +45 33 76 06 00

Fax : +45 33 76 05 10

Email : [email protected] ; [email protected]

Website : http://dignityinstitute.dk/

Contact Person : Søs Nissen, MENA Programme Manager

Member Since : 1 Feb 2006