How to use the e-library?

How to use it?

Our website is equipped with an advanced search engine facility: the e-library. Whether you are trying to locate a publication we’ve produced or looking to take part in our campaigns and support our work, then your journey starts here.

Why using it?

The e-library allows you to browse the latest Human Rights-related news we’ve produced on any given theme and country. For customised search results, you can either select the type of publication you’d like to browse (Press Release, Report, Factsheet, Core Document, …etc.), your theme of interest (gender equality, justice, etc.) or the country for which you are looking to locate information.
You can further refine your search results by combining several criteria (e.g. Report /Syria/ women rights)

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  • EuroMed Rights Annual Report 2019

    In 2019, the Euro-Mediterranean region was marked by both new restrictions and glimmers of hope. Throughout the year, EuroMed Rights, with its members, partners and with the help of its donors, carried out work along the regional and country specific priority areas to better connect, support and create new dialogue opportunities for and between human rights defenders and civil society organisations. The annual report below details some of the … Continued

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    EuroMed Rights 2017 Activity Report

    In 2017, we celebrated twenty years of human rights defense work. The topic of migration and asylum remains at the heart of our actions and priorities. At the same time, European leaders refuse to implement their own human rights commitments in relation to this issue. It is not a “migration crisis” that we are experiencing, … Continued

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    EuroMed Rights 2015-2017 Activity Report

    This report describes the main elements of EuroMed Rights’ activities since its last General Assembly in Brussels in June 2015. It mainly addresses the members of the Network, but also interested observers from civil society, public institutions and donors. The purpose is to give a narrative account to EuroMed Rights’ members about the implementation by … Continued

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    Activity Report 2016

    On the Northern shores of the Mediterranean, the year 2016 was synonymous with a disintegration of the European Union, which was plagued by internal conflicts and lost its bearings as leading by example as a human rights promoter. This became apparent in what was falsely labelled a “refugee crisis”. In 2016, EuroMed Rights upped its work with members and partners, and continued … Continued

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    EuroMed Rights Activity Report 2015

    Content Foreword by EuroMed Rights President About EuroMed Rights How we Work Executive Committee What we did in 2015 Activity Overview 2015 Publications Timeline Our Donors Financial overview of the year Our Members

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    Activity Report 2012-2013

    The current report covers the first complete year of activities since the adoption in June 2012 of a new EMHRN strategy and work program by the General Assembly.

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    Activity Report 2011-2012

    The report does compare the 2012 activities with the general and short term objectives set out in EMHRN’s work programmes for the previous years.