How to use the e-library?

How to use it?

Our website is equipped with an advanced search engine facility: the e-library. Whether you are trying to locate a publication we’ve produced or looking to take part in our campaigns and support our work, then your journey starts here.

Why using it?

The e-library allows you to browse the latest Human Rights-related news we’ve produced on any given theme and country. For customised search results, you can either select the type of publication you’d like to browse (Press Release, Report, Factsheet, Core Document, …etc.), your theme of interest (gender equality, justice, etc.) or the country for which you are looking to locate information.
You can further refine your search results by combining several criteria (e.g. Report /Syria/ women rights)

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    Gender Audit 2018

    Since 2004, EuroMed Rights has been working proactively on promoting women’s rights and gender equality in the Euro-Med region. In 2011, EuroMed Rights drafted a Gender Equality Policy Paper (GEPP) outlining its commitments and objectives with regard to gender equality. This policy was subsequently approved by the Executive Committee and adopted by the General Assembly … Continued

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    Work Programme & Strategy 2018-2021

    This work programme has been developed based on the annexed 2018 – 2021 strategy, and that was subject to a consultation of the members of the Network. Based on this programme the Executive Committee will, upon proposal by the Secretariat, adopt detailed annual activity plans at its meetings matching available funds and donor contracts. The … Continued

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    EuroMed Rights 20 years anniversary

    Scroll through 20 years of our history   The mission of EuroMed Rights is to promote and strengthen human rights and democratic reform in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Rooted in civil society, the network develops and strengthens partnerships between non-governmental organisations (NGOs), disseminates human rights values, advocates for them and increases the capabilities of local partners in this … Continued

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    Activity Report 2016

    On the Northern shores of the Mediterranean, the year 2016 was synonymous with a disintegration of the European Union, which was plagued by internal conflicts and lost its bearings as leading by example as a human rights promoter. This became apparent in what was falsely labelled a “refugee crisis”. In 2016, EuroMed Rights upped its work with members and partners, and continued … Continued

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    EuroMed Rights 10th General Assembly Report

    EuroMed Rights convened its 10th General Assembly in Brussels in June 2015. More than 120 participants gathered, including the regular, associate and honorary members of the Network, as well as external observers such as partner NGOs, EU representatives, researchers, journalists and EuroMed Rights’ donors. This report details the discussions held during EuroMed Rights’ General Assembly, where the Network’s Activity Report, Financial … Continued