Centre syrien de média et de la liberté d’expression

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Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression is a non-profit, non-governmental independent civil society institution that works to achieve justice, to defend human rights, to promote media and freedoms, to boost the role of civil society and active citizenship, and to build effective governance and policies.

Slogan: The word is a right, to defend it is a duty

Activités principales


A democratic world based on justice, freedom and equality that respects human dignity and human rights.


We base our work on credibility, integrity and added value for a world that respects human rights and dignity. Our tools are professionalism, independence and transparency. We believe that partnership and cooperation are the best ways to achieve goals and that diversity is a value and an end in itself on all levels.


We carry out our activities in the fields of justice and human rights, media and freedoms, civil society and active citizenship, and governance and policies.

Adresse :

17 Passage de la Main d'Or
75011 Paris

Tel : +33 (1) 43 55 25 18

Email : b.l[at]scm.bz

Site web : https://scm.bz/en/

Personne de contact : Ben Lydon

Membre depuis: : 1 Oct 2017