تركيا: عضو اللجنة التنفيذية للشبكة الأورو-متوسطية لحقوق الإنسان وواحد وسبعون مدافعا عن حقوق الإنسان في جلسة رابعة للمحكمة الجنائية العليا التركية

The complexity of the High Criminal Court in the thirteenth Turkish on March 5 / March 2014, the fourth session of the trial of Osman Ichi, a member of the Executive Committee of the Network of the Euro – Mediterranean Human Rights, and seventy-one trade unionists.

The trial began on April 10 / April 2013, according to counter-terrorism measures in Turkey, which is a violation of the right to a fair trial. Osman Ichi and the other defendants unionists and human rights defenders, peaceful, staged, and they are accused of “membership in an illegal organization” as punishment for the peaceful criticism of the policies of the Turkish government.

On June 25, 2012, police arrested a “counter-terrorism” seventy-two member organizations under the umbrella trade union confederation brigade staff unions in the public service. He was detained Twenty-eight of the defendants, including Osman Ichi, in prisons with strict security measures for between eight and even ten months before being brought to trial. [1] did not know the defendants and their lawyers the charges against them until February 15, 2013, it has remained their files secret According to the Turkish anti-terrorism law. This deprivation of liberty without charge in public represents a clear violation of international obligations of Turkey. [2]

 Although Osman Ichi trade unionists and others were released during the first session, which was held on 10 April / April 2013, but the Court of Ankara kept private charges against the defendants Monday and seventy.

Must control this fourth session of the court, such as the previous sessions, carefully monitored by independent observers in order to ensure respect for the procedural rights of the accused. Has denounced the European Court of Human Rights repeatedly Turkish authorities because of a lack of judicial guarantees for the accused. The network issued a Euro – Mediterranean report on monitoring the trial after its first meeting, the report highlighted the Alanthecat fair trial standards and raised serious concerns about the fairness of the court.

Based on the above, the network of the Euro – Mediterranean announces the following:

– Welcomes the Euro – Mediterranean with a delegation of the European Union and the initiative of a number of EU Member States to send observers to the previous sessions, and calls the crowd a second session of the new, and to monitor developments closely in this political trial, in line with the guidelines issued by the European Union regarding the defenders human rights;

– Calls on the Euro – Mediterranean EU to monitor respect for the Turkish authorities in each of the cockeyed international and regional instruments on human rights.

It calls on the Euro – Mediterranean Turkish authorities to do the following:

– Stop politically motivated prosecutions of the defendants Osman Ichi and seventy-one.

– Stop judicial harassment in general, and the arbitrary use of anti-terrorism law against peaceful dissidents and human rights defenders, and private Kurdish activists.

– Respect for the duties of Turkey international human rights obligations, and in particular to ensure the rights relating to the freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.

[1] released six of the accused in the February 15, 2013, and remained twenty-two in jail until the day of trial, and released on April 10 / April 2013

[2] Paragraph 3 of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights says: “Everyone charged with a criminal offense the following minimum rights: (a)” to inform him quickly, “and in a language which he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation against him.”