What space for an effective environmental activism in Egypt?

Accountability, Justice and Space for Civil Society, Democracy and freedoms, Egypt

COP27 is coming to an end and international representatives will be leaving Sharm el Sheikh, while the struggle for an existing environmental activism in Egypt will remain unchanged. To the contrary, NGOs fear that reprisals will follow the closing of COP27, and the authorities have continued to arrest any Egyptian connected to the call for demonstrations on 11 November 2022.

The international attention on Egypt’s human rights record should not stop at the end of COP27, and the environmental and human rights movements should be free to work without fear of reprisals.

It is in this context that EuroMed Rights publishes its study on “What space for an effective environmental activism in Egypt”, shedding light on both, organisations specialised in environmental issues and climate change, and human rights organisations defending environmental rights, their working strategies, challenges, and what Egypt and the European Union ought to do to allow for an enabling environment.