Training Guide on EU Advocacy

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The aim of this guide is to assist members of EuroMed Rights and other human rights NGOs to understand EU policies and decision-making structures, taking into account the changes introduced by the revision of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) since 2015, the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy for 2015-2019, and the bilateral agreements the EU is (re)negotiating with countries of the Southern neighbourhood (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements – DCFTAs, Mobility Partnerships, ENP Partnership Priorities, Advanced Partnership Status, etc.).

The guide further aims to demonstrate and provide practical suggestions on how organisations can advocate towards the EU in the framework of these policies and mechanisms, helping with the identification of the right targets, actors and optimal timing in order to be as effective as possible. It aims to show NGOs what they can ask for and expect from EU institutions, and how these institutions are to be approached. It also focuses on what can be expected from EU Member States, at the capital and field level.

The guide is divided into the three following parts

PART 1: The European Union

PART 2: EU Human Rights Policies and Instruments at global, regional and bilateral levels

PART 3: Designing an Effective EU Advocacy Roadmap

Description of main EU institutions, their competencies & the actions on human rights, and the role of EU Member States.

1. The European Council
2. The EU Member States
3. The Council of the European Union
4. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/ Vice-President of the European Commission (HR/VP)
5. The European External Action Service
6. The European Commission
7. The European Parliament
8. The European Economic and Social Committee

Focus on global EU human rights policies and tools, the regional partnerships and the EU’s bilateral relations with its Southern neighbours.

1. EU global human rights commitments
2. EU commitments to human rights in its policy towards the Southern Mediterranean
3. EU commitments to human rights in bilateral relations with Southern neighbourhood countries

Guidance on how to devise and implement an effective advocacy roadmap towards the EU, with practical tips and good practices.

1. How to develop an advocacy roadmap?
2. How to get the EU to act?
3. Examples of advocacy roadmaps