Missing migrants: act against oblivion!

On this day of CommemorAction, EuroMed Rights joins several human rights organisations in calling for measures to prevent deaths on migratory routes to Europe.  

EuroMed Rights stands alongside the families of the numerous victims who have disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea or the North African desert. To support them, we are publishing a map of the main regional players involved in identifying the bodies of victims and searching for missing persons.  

This map, based on work carried out in 2023 by EuroMed Rights with the help of independent researcher Filippo Furri, is a tool intended primarily for the families of victims who too often struggle to obtain information about their missing relatives.     

In 2023, more than 3,000 people disappeared on the migratory routes to Europe. The silence of the authorities and the lack of psychological support mean that the families of victims all too often face a wall in their search for the fate of their loved ones.  

EuroMed Rights hopes that this map will help families in obtaining some needed answers, while advocacy efforts towards regional authorities lead to the establishment of a more consistent legal framework to help them.