Here comes EuroMed Rights’ new visual identity!

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EuroMed Rights’ 25th anniversary was the perfect occasion to unfold the new visual identity of the Network.

Launched in the Spring 2022, this work has aimed at better capturing EuroMed Rights’ identity and the key message it wishes to visually communicate. The new logo (visible on the video link below) insists on the key words “EuroMed” and “Rights” therefore summarising the Network’s main mission in defending human rights across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The linguistic diversity of the Network is captured through the addition of the word “Droits” and “ حقوق ”, respectively in French and Arabic around the logo.

The main colour of the logo (Blue Yonder) makes a reference to the Mediterranean Sea which unites the members of the Network. On the other hand, the complementary colours (Eton Blue and Satin Sheen Gold) are used graphically to represent specific regions (North and South respectively).

This new logo is accompanied by a new set of templates that will reinforce EuroMed Rights’ visual identity. Together with the new website that will be unveiled early 2023, they will participate to streamline the image that the Network wants to project of itself.