Developing prospects together

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There are few reasons to believe that in the next years, the Euro-Mediterranean space will be exempt of more turmoil and chaotic changes, in the South as well as in the North. Gender inequalities have risen, authoritarian and illiberal governance patterns have consolidated, socio-economic marginalisation remains high, and the repression of civil society organisations and fundamental rights and freedoms has increased in the whole region. 

In these ever-evolutive contexts, the main challenges for EuroMed Rights are to find the best ways to remain relevant to its members and interlocutors and to keep influencing positively the EU as well as Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries, in order to restore a human rights and democracy dimension in bilateral and regional exchanges. 

New avenues 

While celebrating its 25th anniversary in October 2022, a broad selection of EuroMed Rights’ members was invited to discuss how the Network can best confront the challenges it faces when seeking to achieve its new political goals enshrined in its 2022-2027 strategy entitled “Improve and Advance. Rather than dealing with each of these goals individually, emphasis was put on cross-cutting issues that transcend the individual goals and members priorities: 

The need for international collaboration on promoting and protecting human rights and democracy is stronger than ever. There are some encouraging openings: new and powerful movements and organisations keep emerging and reinventing the fight for human rights, and powerful allies continue to fight for the international promotion of liberal democracy and human rights in some of the world’s most powerful states and multilateral institutions. These new movements represent a third generation of human rights activists that offers new opportunities for EuroMed Rights to regenerate itself. 

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